Substance list

This table provides an overview of the substances currently included in the database of the DSS.

Only the administrator can add or modify substance data.

Substance name Substance type
17 B-estradiol Hormone
17A-ethinyl estradiol Hormone
4-tert-Butylphenol Pharmaceutical
Acesulfame -
Acesulfame-K -
Acetaminophen Pharmaceutical
Androstenedione Hormone
Atenolol Pharmaceutical
Atrazine Pesticide
Bentazon Pesticide
Benzo(a)pyrene PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
benzo(b)fluoranthene -
benzo(k)fluoranthene -
Benzotriazole Anti-corrosive
Bezafibrate Pharmaceutical
bisphenol A EDC
Caffeine Pharmaceutical
Carbamazepine Pharmaceutical
carbendazim Pesticide
celestolide -
Chloridazon Pesticide
Chlorpyrifos -
clofibric acid -
DDt Pesticide
Decabromodiphenylether -
DEET Pesticide
desethylatrazine -
desphenylchloridazon -
diatrizoate -
Diazepam Pharmaceutical
diazinon -
dichloromethane -
Diclofenac Pharmaceutical
Dilantin Pharmaceutical
Diuron Pesticide
Erythromycin Pharmaceutical
Estriol Pharmaceutical
Estrone Hormone
fluoranthene -
Fluorene PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
Fluoxetine Musk
Galaxolide Musk
Gemfibrozil Pharmaceutical
Glyphosate Pesticide
Hydrocodone Pharmaceutical
Ibuprofen Pharmaceutical
indeno(1,2,3cd)pyrene -
Iomeprol X-ray contrast media
Iopromide X-ray contrast media
irgarol 1051 -
Isoproturon -
Ketone Musk
ketoprofen -
Lindane Pesticide
MCPA Pesticide
Mecoprop -
mefenamic acid -
Meprobamate Pharmaceutical
Metamitron Pesticide
methyldesphenylchloridazon -
Metolachlor Pesticide
Metoprolol Pharmaceutical
Naproxen Pharmaceutical
nonylphenol -
octylphenol -
Oxybenzone Sun Screen
pentabromodiphenylether -
Pentoxifylline Pharmaceutical
Primidone -
Progesterone Hormone
propranolol -
Roxithromycine -
Simazine -
sotalol -
sulfamethazine -
Sulfamethoxazole Pharmaceutical
TCEP Flame Retardant
Testosterone Hormone
tetrabromodiphenylether -
tetrachloroethylene -
tonalide -
tribromodiphenylether -
trichlorobenzene -
trichloroethylene -
trichloromethane -
Triclosan Pharmaceutical
Trimethoprim Pharmaceutical
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